Guest Post: Coverall launches a new

This guest post is by our client Coverall.

In a world hungry for engagement and knowledge, the stakes of website design are at an all-time high. How are companies building and designing websites to ensure users will stay and explore their brand, product or service?

The Coverall Team asked the same question during a multi-year rebranding strategy. After extensive research and planning, and a partnership with Tampa-based Digital Agency, Bayshore Solutions, we are excited to announce our redesigned and rebranded site,

From the big screen to the small screen.

Rapid response functionality is a given in today’s society of smartphones and tablets. Certifying that our users are able to access our site from any device holds a top spot on our must haves. While designing the look and feel, we kept in mind that over 70% of our users accessed the site from a smartphone device. If they wanted to take a closer look on the desktop computer, the website boasts an upgrade in visuals and graphics, all of which are built with responsive design in mind.

Keeping it simple. 

While users are hungry for new information, they are also looking for the RIGHT information. Customers come to the Coverall site usually for 1 of 2 reasons: They were looking to start their own commercial cleaning business, or to find out how to get commercial cleaning services for their workplace.

As we started building the architecture for the site, our principal focus was simplicity. How do we get our users to where they need to go quickly and efficiently?

It is all about the journey, right?

So, we streamlined our navigation and ensured all main points of interest fell on the top of the screen in the main navigation bar.  Now users can easily navigate to get more information on Coverall’s franchise opportunities, search locations, get a commercial cleaning quote for their workplace, or to explore more about the brand and services provided by Coverall and its network of franchised owners.

Keep up with the change.

Development of the new site will continue following the website launchin December with updates to content, blog posts and innovative ways to keep our customers coming back to the website.

Make sure you check it out! Head on over to, surf our site and let us know what you think


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