Do you know how many visitors are coming to your Website each month? Do you know how they get there? How long they stayed on your site? How many different pages they looked at? If you answered no to these questions then please continue reading.....

One definition of Web analytics is- the process of  collection, measurement and analysis of user activity on a Website to understand and help achieve the intended objective of the Website.

Having a Website without having any analytics software programmed to it is almost useless! Why spend your precision time and money on building a Website if you're not going to track what's happening on it? Web analytics can provide you with a wealth of information (probably more then you will ever need or want to know) that can be very useful in planning your marketing strategy, search engine optimization campaigns and even Website design.
How do you know which tool to use? Well, Google Analytics is a free analytics program provided by Google. All you have to do is add a small snippet of code to every page of the Website and in less than 24 hours you will be able to your Websites statistics. I highly recommend Google Analytics because it easily links with your Google Adwords account if you are utilizing PPC as a marketing strategy and it also allows you to track "Goals" or "Conversions".
One of the best things about online marketing is that virtually everything is trackable! Before beginning any online marketing campaign one should make sure they have analytics up and running on their Website- otherwise you are just throwing money away because you are not able to track what affect the campaign had on your Website.

If you need help setting up analytics or have any other questions contact Bayshore Solutions and one of their analytic experts will be happy to help you!