Why Developers Believe nopCommerce 4.0 Is A Big Leap Forward In Technology

After more than two decades working as a software developer, Jody Roberts says he has coding and software development in his blood.

And for the past four years, the Senior Developer at Bayshore Solutions has put his skills to work building customized systems for clients using the nopCommerce platform.

 That’s why he thinks the latest version of nopCommerce – called nopCommerce 4.0 – is a huge step forward for the e-commerce platform. It will fully integrate with ASP.NET Core 2.0.

“From a developer’s point of view, it is an easy architecture to understand,” said Roberts. “Also, it’s fully open-source. It used to be rare to find an ASP.Net open source solution, so it’s great to work with a technology that is open source and integrates with Microsoft technology.”

The new version is compatible with Windows, Macintosh or Linux. That’s a huge plus for developers, Roberts said. It also directly benefits businesses that use nopCommerce, allowing it to integrate with various system.

Roberts and other developers at Bayshore Solutions, a Gold Partner, know this firsthand. They build customized solutions for e-commerce clients by tailoring nopCommerce to meet their needs, creating functionality that fits and scales.

A Technological Milestone

Richard Read, Director of Programming at Bayshore Solutions, agrees with Roberts’ assessment. He said nopCommerce wisely waited for the second version of ASP.NET to ensure that “users have their best experience possible, of the highest quality.”

Staying on the forefront of technology is critical to the success and adoption of the nopCommerce platform,” Read said. “The move to ASP.NET Core is a technological milestone for nopCommerce.”

The new nopCommerce 4.0 is built on top of ASP.NET Core 2.0, which provides users a high-performance framework that supports creation of cloud-based, Internet-connected applications.

In addition to the cross-platform compatibility ASP.NET 2.0 brings to nopCommerce, Read said one of the key advantages to the new version is that it ships in modular packages. In other words, the entire framework does not have to be installed and maintained on a server.

Rather, it is “bundled and versioned to match the version of nopCommerce,” Read said. That means only the required ASP.NET Core libraries are needed. Read said that improves security and performance while also reducing the among of maintenance required.

The move to ASP.NET Core 2.0 not only is a big step forward for nopCommerce but also “sets the stage for all future releases,” Read said.

Other Steps Forward

Roberts pointed out many of the improvements in nopCommerce 4.0 that will help both consumers and developers. They include a streamlined plug-in system, faster speed on queries and response compression.

All of this, Roberts said, ties into speed. The faster the speed of the site, the better the experience for consumers.

Read pointed out that memory cache management also has improved. The ability to cache products and categories is a key component to the nopCommerce performance strategy, Read said. The new version also reduces the size of code downloaded per webpage and the number of components needed to be downloaded to a web browser.

All of this adds up to easier use for developers, a better e-commerce site for businesses and a smoother experience for users.

Roberts also noted that nopCommerce is themeable, allowing Bayshore Solutions to match the “look and feel of the platform to any specifications.”

Strong User Support

As a long-time developer, Roberts said the strong nopCommerce user support base is welcome. It’s also expanding as more companies use nopCommerce. A recent conference in New York City attracted more than 200 users from 24 different countries.

In Roberts’ many years in coding and software development, he has seen systems come and go. He believes that nopCommerce has the ability to be around for years to come. They have managed to give developers, businesses and consumers what they want.

“The future looks bright for nopCommerce because it is easily adapted and they’re staying on the cutting edge of tech,” Roberts said.

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