What To Look For In a Website Development Company

Choosing a website development company for your business is a very important decision to make. At times, it can seem overwhelming considering the number of options out there.

Having a good checklist of what to look for in a quality website development company can make the process much easier. While many companies offer web development services, that doesn’t mean they cover all the needs you are likely to have.

Here are some of the services you should expect from a website development company.

 They Offer Full Web Services

Not all web development companies offer the same services. Make sure that when partnering with a company, they offer everything you will need. This includes thinking long-term.  There may be services you don’t need now, but will in the future as you scale.  Your website development company’s offerings should include at least the following:

  • Senior and certified developers
  • Design services, including experience with mobile responsive design
  • CMS implementation expertise on multiple platforms
  • Database, CRM and third-party tool integration experience

They Offer Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is a key component of web-based business success. You want a web development company that has a team dedicated to handling all the requirements of your website, but one that also has experience with digital marketing.  A company that offers digital marketing services will understand how to best build a website that not only looks and functions great, but generate leads for your business.

They Have Experience

Unless you have complete faith in a novice, it’s important to hire a company that has a large portfolio of websites they have developed. Take the time to look at those sites and see the company’s work in action. A great thing to do is to look at how those websites have changed over time.  This is a great indicator that the web development company keeps up with best practices and is constantly innovating in their web design projects.

They Work In More Than One Industry

Some web development companies, particularly smaller ones, focus primarily on a few industries. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can limit the amount of experience of the development team. However, partnering with a company that has experience developing sites for a wide variety of industries shows they have a development team with the skills to handle almost any kind of website.  And that team will have cross-industry knowledge and can apply best practices from one industry to another.

They’re Data-Driven

Every business in every industry should be using analytics to guide their decisions on how to move forward. A full-service web development company is no exception. They should be able to set up an analytics system to collect the right kind of data for you so you can see how your new website is performing.

They Are Not Inexpensive

Everyone wants to cut costs when they can. However, in website development, the cheapest alternative is usually not the best alternative. Hiring a company with years of experience and a large portfolio of sites will typically cost more than the small company with few clients.  Your website is essentially your online storefront and likely how you’ll generate most new business.  That is not the place to cut corners. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

They Are True Partners

A quality web development company works with the organization that hires them. They truly listen to find out your needs and understand your audience. They develop a design and create content that works best to attract customers that need your product or service. If a web development company offers you limited choices of what they can do for your site, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Creative Services

The best web development companies not only offer you the most modern website design, but also have the talent on staff to produce the creative pieces you need to truly set your site apart from the competition. This includes everything from “about us” sections to product descriptions.

In short, a full-service company should address all your web development needs. A quality company such as Bayshore Solutions, which has been in business for decades and worked for thousands of sites in multiple industries, is a good example of what a full-service agency offers.

Do your homework and take time to consider what different companies have to offer. It will make this crucial decision easier and the results will be greater.

Interested in learning more about our solutions? Contact Bayshore Solutions today to discuss how we can help grow your business through expert Web development.


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