Why You Should Use a Copywriter to Develop Website Content

Agencies experienced in creating website copy and content marketing trends understand how valuable a website is to your overall business growth. Your website is sometimes referred to as the “face” of your organization and you want it to be polished! Today’s website development best practices call for engaging headlines, digestible content blocks (no walls of text!) and a relatable point-of-view for the audience.

It’s simply not enough to transfer content from brochures, print materials and other internal marketing resources for publication on the web. The most dynamic website copy is the product of a solid content strategy, brand storytelling and plenty of experience in learning what works and what doesn’t for specific audiences.

Many business owners and internal team members will take on content creation during the website process, but here are 5 reasons why using a copywriter may be a better plan for developing conversion-worthy copy.

1. They Integrate Your Marketing Strategy

Before writing any content, excellent copywriters will ask you targeted questions aimed at understanding your business objectives and goals for the website. A website strategy team, which should include a copywriter, pushes beyond “what do you want to say on your website” – they spend time learning about what motivates a sale in your business or industry and what the blockers are in achieving that sale.

2. They Conduct Knowledge Extraction Sessions

Copywriters won’t try to convince you that they know everything about your business or industry. But they are inherently skilled at simplifying complicated information while still being persuasive. A copywriter will likely hold a series of meetings to “extract” your expert insights around your services, culture and industry landscape. These sessions offer a different view at understanding the different aspects of your business which allows copywriters to write for users that are introduced to your business with no knowledge about what you do.

3. They Know How to Draw Your Audience In

It’s not enough to identify the age, location or gender of your potential customers. Website messaging needs to prove to your users that you understand them. Copywriters will take time to learn the specific challenges, pain points and solutions that motivate your audience. With these insights, copywriters are positioned to offer your product or service to the audience in a way that helps them see through the clutter of the competition.

4.  They Craft Compelling Calls-to-Action

Every business owner wants a website that can generate leads. But what happens when a user lands on your website and isn’t presented with the content they are looking for? They don’t take an action and they bounce. Professional content writers use calls-to-action to inspire and persuade your audience. With experience learning what works on the web and what falls flat, copywriters know how important it is to inform the user of what they’ll experience on the next page of their journey, so they are more inclined to click.

5. They Cut Copy Where It’s Not Needed

The best copywriters are also great editors. Website copy needs to be clear and concise. A copywriter will lead the charge against words that muddle the overall message. For example, a piece of content that says, “We go above and beyond to give all of our customers the very best service, which is our ultimate goal” can be condensed to, “We strive to provide our customers the best service.” Cutting out extra adverbs, adjectives and run-on sentences ensures users consume the content you are presenting them.

Creating an effective new website or refreshing existing content should always involve a skilled copywriter who can unleash the power of words in a strategic fashion. Don’t continue to stare at a blank Word document with writer’s block, reach out to Bayshore Solutions so we can begin creating your website copy.

For more than 20 years, Bayshore Solutions has provided innovative marketing expertise to clients across the United States. As a full-service agency, we help you grow your business by understanding your goals, defining customer audiences, creating stories, implementing technology, and learning from outcomes.

Contact Bayshore Solutions today to discuss how we can help grow your business through expert Content Marketing.


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