Uncovering the Value of Website Management Services

Some people say they prefer cats over dogs as pets because you can leave a cat unattended longer. A cat owner can go away for a couple of days, leave out some food and water, and rest assured the cat is fine. A dog owner needs to be much more attentive to feeding, potty breaks, and activity level.

Your company website is a dog.

You invested a lot of time and money in your website, so you owe it to yourself and your company to manage it well. Your site needs frequent new content and SEO optimization, along with monitoring for security threats, updates and downtime.

Most companies lack the capacity and expertise to manage this crucial work internally. Sometimes you need to hire doggy daycare, and you definitely need to invest in website care. By learning just what website management services cover and the value they bring, you can begin to make smart decisions—and gain buy-in from others—about maintaining one of your most important assets.

Content Updates

Any company must continuously add to and improve upon its website content, for both users and search engines. As your company grows and offers new products and services, or discontinues others, your site must stay current. You may want to make updates about staff changes, events, or sales. Someone needs to build and add new pages and update text. Over the life of your site, you might also decide to add custom photography, icons or widgets. The work never stops.

Functionality also strongly influences your search engine ranking. Google wants to direct its searchers to smoothly running sites that accurately answers searchers’ questions. That means monitoring for incorrect links, broken links, or missing information. A web management partner can watch for any of these hazards and fix them promptly.

Daily Monitoring and Security

According to various sources, somewhere around 50,000 websites get hacked every day. That’s not the worst part; ZDNet reports that most companies take six months to notice a breach. Just think about the damage to your data, not to mention your reputation, that could unfold in half a year.

Your web management services partner watches your web server and your applications.

They can respond promptly when an issue occurs, and even predict potential failures. They should react to updates and patches immediately, since outdated software invites hackers.

Trustworthy monitoring affects not only security but your customers’ experience. A web management service can ensure your website operates at optimum capacity all day. They monitor continuously, so they know immediately when pages are loading slowly or an error occurs. Often, they can remedy a problem before your customers encounter it. Server reporting will show you your percentage of downtime on any given day and advise you when there’s an issue.

Reporting and Analytics

Thousands of factors affect how effectively your website attracts and converts customers. Things change every day, too. Your competition is continuously tweaking their site to outrank or out-perform yours. Plus, with five to ten major algorithm updates per year, Google keeps even the most savvy content experts on their toes.

A web management team can run various tools to learn how your site performs and how visitors move through your sales funnel. They can produce robust reports, from high-level to granular, to give you valuable insights for every hour of the day. Using this information, you will quickly spot problem areas and know where to invest your efforts.

When you partner with Bayshore Solutions, you get a full range of digital resources including expert website management services. We customize a contract to your needs, whether you require tactile, day-to-day assists or less frequent, highly technical work. We can even bring our own content strategists or SEO experts onto your project to increase your site’s effectiveness. You will have an assigned point of contact who knows your site inside and out and can answer all of your questions.

Trust our best-in-class website hosting services and our content expertise. If we can help you with the care and feeding of your website, get in touch and let’s talk!

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