A one-stop shop, full service digital marketing agency like Bayshore Solutions gives you a competitive edge

By Erin Gray, Bayshore Solutions Vice President

I was meeting with a potential client a few months ago.  This particular Marketing Director was looking to move all of the marketing services for their multi-million dollar company to a variety of agencies to assist with the launch of a new division.   One of the first questions I asked him was, “Why?”  Why not have one agency handle all of your digital marketing services.

This particular Marketing Director was insisting that he did not want all of his eggs in one basket.  He felt that he would gain more expertise by using a variety of agencies and he was concerned that if he went with one agency, that it would be risky.

Of course, I couldn’t help myself and had to present my counterpoint, based on my many years in the agency world, that this view was becoming outdated.  I think this advice is worth repeating, particularly in the digital age, where marketing must meet technology. Especially given the depth of experience across both marketing and development that many full service digital marketing agencies have procured over the years.

Below are my top reasons for why, when it comes to your business’s marketing needs – when working with a high-quality, multi-disciplined digital marketing agency – it is better to keep all of your eggs inside of the one nest that you have carefully prepared.

1. Integrated Approach

There is tremendous benefit to one digital agency partner to handle your marketing and your technology. They go hand in hand.  Having your developers, designers, marketers, content writers, and user interface folks around one table with a common goal is extremely powerful.

2. Streamlined Communication

How much time do you spend each week communicating with your agency partner or partners? Think of the time you will save working with one main point of contact at a full-service digital agency.  Streamlined communication coupled with focused marketing strategies saves time and money.  Picture the effectiveness and efficiency of having your SEO and SEM teams working closely together. Imagine the impact of your social media marketers working in concert with your graphic designers and content developers. If changes need to be made, having one consolidated team under the same roof, allows you to be nimble and respond quickly to market driven changes.

3. No Silos, More Collaboration

A full service digital marketing agency, is extremely helpful in providing a true 360 degree view. The team is working together on your account day in and day out.  There isn’t a need to get other partners up to speed.  The agency is working to move your business forward on all fronts, not just one service in their particular silo.  Having a true dedicated team under one roof encourages collaboration and creativity when problem solving and strategizing.  At Bayshore Solutions, our digital marketers, designers, developers and project managers are all collaborating on a daily basis to assess marketing efforts from a global standpoint, and make changes, as necessary to meet our client’s goals and objectives.

At the end of the day, you want an agency partner that can provide you with the skills and knowledge to achieve your specific goals and objectives.  While not all agencies can provide you with all of the services you need, there are many, like Bayshore Solutions, which have a proven track record of providing both digital marketing and technology solutions under one roof, to achieve measurable results.

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