Tips For Website Content Creation and Publishing

Let’s cut to the chase: content is the bane of many website owners.

Business people get into a business because they want to produce a quality product or service, not spend time writing about the product or service.

Finding the right mix of content to draw visitors to a website is another job onto itself. Perhaps the best advice is simply this: Hire someone to do it! The money spent provides a good return on investment and saves businesses the cost of building a content team and the time spent creating it.

Still, even if using an outside agency for website content creation, it’s good to know at the least the foundational strategies behind it. Whether it’s the written word, video, infographics or charts, the following holds true for all content creation for business websites.

Know Your Audience

People come to your website to read about your product, service or the related industry. They don’t want to read personal stories that have nothing to do with those issues. Use data analytics to determine what searches are bringing people to your site, then offer them content relevant to their needs.

Stay On Topic

Just to drive the point home, keep your content on topic. Even if you find that some content covers the same ground, that’s all right. You are reading every article, watching every video and pouring over every infographic. Your visitors are not. Try to put information relevant to your product or service on every page.

Keep It Short

People don’t have time for a 1,000-word opus on the history of pipe fitting (or whatever your business may be). Not that they aren’t necessarily interested in that history. A 400-word, quick-scan article on that topic with short paragraphs and bullet points is more the right idea.


Grammar trips up even the best writers. That’s why every great writer you’ve ever heard of has an editor (or two or three). It’s also why every media outlet has corrections to articles every day. That said, getting professionals to write website content will cut down on grammar issues and typos. Even so, it always pays to have another pair of eyes look over copy before it publishes.

Consistent, Original

This is always mentioned in reference to content because it’s that important. Most content is geared toward getting high placement on search engines. Google will look upon your site with more favor if it consistently publishes quality content. So will visitors. Also, both human beings and machines that scan websites will know if you’ve simply changed a few words on content from another site and published it. Make the content original.

Use Images

Not everyone can spend the time or money on making videos, although it’s a smart move if you can. However, it’s at the very least important to put images on articles. They give the content a professional look and, if the right photo is selected, give readers some context and further information.

Be Authoritative

Not every writer or editor will know every aspect of a topic they produce content on. Take the time to research topics and publish content that is authoritative. Readers will immediately know if someone does or doesn’t know what they are talking about.

In many ways, running a content operation within a business is like running a little media company. There are many details to consider. The above tips can help, but remember the advice at the top of this article: The best move likely is to hire a professional.

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