Tips For Using Video On Your Website

In the late 20th century, television programmers would lament a state of affairs in which they had to grab people’s attention in competition with the hundreds of other television channels.

That seems like child’s play compared to what websites face today.

In the battle for eyeballs on the internet, websites face competition from millions of other sites, not to mention the latest cat video posted by someone on YouTube or Twitter. Getting people to watch a video related to your specific product or service seems next to impossible.

But it’s not. And trying is worthwhile. Video has become a staple of the Internet, with 500 million hours of video watched on YouTube every day alone.  An estimated 75 million people watch video online every day.

It dominates social media, as well. About 82 percent of Twitter uses watch video. And Facebook has tweaked its News Feed to allow for longer videos, a sign that more people are willing to spend more time with video.

How do you integrate video into your website design? The following represent some ideas to keep in mind as you get started.


Decide upfront what you are willing to spend. The term “video” encompasses a lot of different ideas, from animation and music to using (or hiring) people to get in front of the camera. Determine the most effective approach for your business and budget accordingly.

A Funnel Of Its Own

Think of a video as a mini-marketing funnel all by itself. You want to attract viewers, give them value, pitch them on your product or service and make it easy for them to convert that interest into buying. That provides a solid framework when you get into the details of the video itself.

Connect Quickly

Most experts agree you have about 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention and hold it. That’s tough, given the amount of competition. Keep the funnel above in mind. Start your video with information that fulfills the viewers expectations. Give them information that has value right from the start. That requires knowing your industry very well and understanding the issues that would attract a person to watch a video on your site. Don’t waste a viewer’s time with long, fancy introductions.

Keep It Short

Speaking of long and fancy, those are two terms you don’t want associated with your video. Brief, for the most part, is better. Videos under two minutes are generally the most effective. People still talk about the 1984 Apple commercial like it’s “The Godfather” of commercials, and it’s one minute long. With proper planning, you can deliver powerful messages in a short amount of time.

Gently Pitch

Once you’ve held the viewer’s attention by delivering value, then you can move into making your pitch. Make sure the pitch flows with the rest of the video - nothing is as jarring as making a sudden pitch in the wrong place. Present your product or service and why it’s a solution to a problem quickly and effectively.

Call To Action

This is the whole reason you made the video in the first place. Make sure to give viewers further action by pointing them to a link they can click on for more information. Producing a great video without a call to action is a complete waste of time.

Keeping this tips in mind can help you produce a video that is effective. With the growing number of people turning to video online, it’s an effort well worth making.

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