The Best New Features of nopCommerce 3.90

The latest version of nopCommerce was released on March 14 of 2017 and comes with a huge list of updates, new features, as well as the usual performance enhancements.  As a nopCommerce Gold Solutions Partner we’ve had the opportunity to see the new version in action with some customer implementations, and here are some of the new features we see are making e-commerce even easier with nopCommerce 3.90.

 Visual Ease – With an Intuitive Admin Interface

In the last version, nopCommerce introduced a complete redesign of the administration interface. With  nopCommerce version 3.90, they have continued to refine the design with more user-friendly buttons, redesigned grids and new inputs for currencies, weights and dimensions. This all helps the store owner easily administer their site.

nop 3-90-admin-dash for visual ease of Administration

The Best of Both Navs – With Click-to-Select Top Menu Settings

Almost every website has common pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc., that are included in the top navigation. On a similar note, almost every e-commerce store puts their categories of products up in the top menu. A common problem happens when a store owner wants to include both. Now, nopCommerce 3.90 has added settings to indicate whether those “default” items should be included in the top menu.

 A best feature of nopCommerce 3.90 top menu customizable default settings

Smooth Nop-to-CRM Translation – With Customizable Order ID

Many store owners find that they need to have the order number in a custom format. This is especially common when trying to integrate with a custom CRM or ERP. Now, nopCommerce 3.90 allows the store owner to create a custom order format using a mask. For example, to use the standard order id but also add the date of the order on the end, e.g. 52343-2017-03-14, you would use {ID}-{YYYY}-{MM}-{DD}.

nopCommerce 3.90 Best new feature - customizable Order ID masks

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Save Those Sales – With “Back in Stock” Display

Managing stock and inventory is crucial to any online store. However, customer’s get frustrated when the product they are ready to purchase is not available and there is no indication of when it will be back in stock. This could cause the store owner to not only lose a sale, but potentially even a customer.  Now products can be configured with a “Product availability range” to indicate when products will be made available in the store again.

Best new features of nopCommerce 3.90 back in stock display communications

‘Tis the Season – For Timed Tier Pricing

Being able to offer special pricing is another requirement of e-commerce applications. In addition to coupons and discounts, nopCommerce offers tier pricing. Tier pricing can be used to give quantity discounts on products when ordering in bulk. In this latest release, nopCommerce has also enabled tier pricing to have start and end dates. This is especially useful for items that have a lot of seasonal demand.

nopCommerce 3.90 Best New features - Time-settings for tiered pricing


We’ve only touched on a few of our favorite new features in this latest release. This blog would turn into a book if we were go into all the security and performance optimizations that have been made, and that book has already been written by nopCommerce! Feel free to check out the hundreds of items in the nopCommerce 3.90 official release notes.  We are excited about this latest release and recommend switching your store to nopCommerce or upgrading your current version today.