Strategies to Increase Your SEO Rankings

Much of the efforts made by companies to increase their SEO rankings revolve around staying up-to-date on changes made by the major search engines in how they rank search results. It’s a constantly moving target, and Google, Bing and other search engines aren’t going to reveal all the ways they rank results because they don’t want people to game the system.

As any quality search engine optimization company will tell you, increasing SEO rankings is a long-term strategy. It can take months, even years, for the search engines to recognize all the quality, relevant content you have on your site. But it’s a strategy that’s been proven to work repeatedly.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Some of the basics of successful search engine optimization include producing quality content, writing content that is relevant to a reader’s questions, properly tagging and coding web pages and articles, and publishing content on a regular basis.  Our recent blog on SEO best practices in 2018 can help in identifying areas to focus on.

Because the business of SEO and increasing rankings is constantly changing, there are tactics that emerge as more useful as time goes on and include the following.

Maximizing “Shareability”

You want people to share your content on social media sites. It’s the best, fastest and cheapest way to get a tremendous amount of advertising and promotion. Articles that get shared have relevant content that is clear and concise. Also, you want to share your content yourself. That means posting “blurbs” on Facebook and Twitter that link back to content on your website. Keep content easy for people to find. A recent blog on utilizing a content marketing strategy to drive organic traffic provides tips on how to get your content out there into the online world.

Mix Content

Once, short articles were the way to go. Then, infographics. Then, bulleted points. Then, in-depth articles were deemed best. The truth is, you want a mix of all this type of content on your site. The bottom line is to keep relevancy and clear writing at the forefront, no matter what form it takes. These tips on website content creation will help you produce meaningful content that will help your audience and SEO efforts.


One fad that is not fading is video on your website. People are much more likely to watch content in a short video than they are to read a ton of words, especially among younger consumers. Video is an important element in increasing SEO rankings because video, not just written content, can also drive organic traffic to your site. Remember to write a good description or provide a transcript for your video. This will help with SEO because search engines can’t watch video and won’t know what it is about without accompanying text.

Find Good Keywords

There are many ways to find keywords and tons of tools that can help. One effective tactic is to do a search on a keyword, then go to the bottom of the results page to see related search words. It’s a cornucopia of keywords, and it’s updated to reflect recent searches, too.

You can even start typing a word into the search engine search box and see its recommendations on how to complete the phrase. Those can also be keywords and because they’re suggested, you know people are searching for them. Just make sure the words and phrases you’re pulling are relevant to what you do.

For most, the smart move is to hire a professional search engine optimization company to make sure the above efforts are done correctly. Either way, these are just a few of the areas where organizations should focus their efforts in 2018 and into 2019.

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