nopCommerce 4.1 Offers Upgrades for E-Commerce Businesses

Before the release of nopCommerce 4.1, the ecommerce platform already ranked as one of the best in the business. Now, the upgrade has pushed the open-sourced platform to even greater heights.

As a nopCommerce Gold Partner, we're excited to see the platform evolve. Here are some of the highlights from the recent nopCommerce 4.1 release.

ASP.NET Core 2.1

One of the biggest changes is the move onto ASP.NET Core 2.1, which will need to be installed to run nopCommerce 4.1. The upgraded core features faster build and run times, security updates, better compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implemented this year in the European Union and enhanced compatibility with Microsoft and Azure.

The results for those who run an e-commerce business include the following.

Improved ADA Compliance

The upgrades offer improved compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They include:

  • Adding alt-text to images, which explains the information that an image contains for disabled users who cannot see it.
  • Adding aria-labels, which provide a text label for objects such as “close” or “add to cart” buttons and links that do not already have a descriptive text label.
  • Setting a default language attribute, which allows readers used by the sight-impaired to know the language of the page it is scanning.

Gift Card Balance Checker

Online businesses who use nopCommerce can now offer a gift card balance checker to customers. This seems like a small addition, but one that can result in more sales. Offering a balance checker on the website itself gives them another reason to visit.  If the visitor is now on the site and they have a positive balance on the gift card, it’s more likely they may spend right there and then.


The upgraded system now gives store owners an automatic notification when replies to an online product review have been posted. This gives owners a real-time view of comments and allows them to respond more quickly if needed.

Disable Checkout Process

This function can prove useful for e-commerce sites if an online store owner needs to temporarily shut down the checkout process. For example, you may need to disable checkout functions and eliminate “add to cart” buttons on certain pages if prices need to be changed, there is a problem with payment processing or you need to make updates to your checkout process to avoid abandoned shopping carts. This feature allows visitors to still browse products without needing to take down the full site for maintenance.

Percentage Pricing

Previously, charging more for a product could only be expressed in dollars. For example, the price could increase for an XXXL size shirt in a product line. Or you might charge more for the high-end product in a lineup of jewelry based on the same design. Now, rather than expressing that difference in a dollar amount as the only option, it can be expressed by a percentage as well.


To help e-commerce websites better comply with GDPR, nopCommerce 4.1 includes the ability to offer shoppers a chance to export personal data, request to see who has downloaded that data and delete personal data (the “Right to be Forgotten” part of GDPR).

Other improvements

Many other improvements revolve around orders and reward points. For example, nopCommerce 4.1 adds features that:

  • Allow merchants to find orders by phone number
  • Show the date for pre-order availability
  • Allow for separate shipping of products in one order
  • Allow configuring orders to show minimum total for reward point redemption
  • Allow setting an expiration date for reward points.

These are some of the highlights from the nopCommerce 4.1, making an already attractive e-commerce platform that much better.

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