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Google Wants YOU (to update your site to HTTPS)

Over the last few months, a relentless spotlight has been shining on the importance of protecting a user’s private data. Between the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data mining scandal and the move to GDPR out of the EU, it’s never been more timely to take steps towards online security. That’s why Bayshore Solutions is offering HTTPS upgrades to all our website hosting clients. Why should you invest in this process? Here are a few reasons.

Chrome Traffic Will Be Affected

In July 2018, Google will release version 68 of their Chrome web browser. Along with a few other upgrades, version 68 will begin showing a “Not Secure” tag next to the website address in the address bar, for sites that are not HTTPS. Because 60% of all website traffic comes from Google Chrome, it’s probable that many of your customers will notice.

SSL Certificates Are Highly Encouraged

You’re probably familiar with HTTP – the acronym that precedes your web address. The ‘S’ in HTTPS is simply the addition of security (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS is a way to encrypt the data that your visitors send between their browser and a web server. It protects personally identifiable data and details like names, emails, phone numbers, logins, and credit card data when users visit your site. It also protects your site from cyberattacks.

In the past, SSL (or the certificate used to ensure HTTPS) was only required on certain pages, such as checkout or those that would handle logins, credit card data, etc. But now, a truly secure site has the SSL certificate on all pages.

It Can Improve Your Search Ranking

Having a secure website means protecting users’ internet data from being compromised over public WiFi networks. For those sites that are secure, the familiar padlock icon, and new “Secure” tag, will appear next to your website address in the address bar. This small, but resonating text and iconography builds trust with your website visitors. Increased customer confidence = increased conversions.

Ensuring your website is HTTPS is also essential for optimizing your website for search engines. Google started to factor in HTTPS as part of the overall search ranking for websites back in 2014, meaning HTTPS sites will get an advantage in search results over the older HTTP sites that are unsecure.

Bayshore Can Update Your Site For You

If you’re a Bayshore Solutions hosting client, migrating your site from HTTP to HTTPs is a multi-step process.

We’ll add a required SSL certificate to your website to facilitate the encrypted connection and establish website owner trust. We’ll then configure the website to automatically redirect all traffic to use HTTPS and audit the website for any hard-coded HTTP links, identifying any necessary updates to the content.

We will submit a new sitemap to Google and Bing to “notify” them that your site is now secure and once this process is complete, you will receive 30-day search engine ranking monitoring – so you can watch your site grow!

How Can I Sign up?

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