Key Components of a Content Marketing Plan

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, establish your business’ name, connect with and reach new audiences, or re-engage with past customers, your content should be approached deliberately and with the goal of delivering results. 

Your content marketing plan should answer the questions of why you are producing and sharing blog posts and sending email newsletters. What’s the intended purpose? How does it tie back to your business goals? And, that “why” should translate to your audience; encouraging them to continue engaging with your company instead of your competitors.

Here is a look at the key components that a successful content marketing plan should include. 

Benefits of creating a content marketing plan 

Having the right content marketing strategy in place will help to attract your target audience through personalized content at the most optimal point in their buyer’s journey, increasing your chance at conversion. More specifically, a content marketing agency can develop a plan that will: 

  • Drive your audience and consumers to a specific place on your website
  • Collect potential consumers 
  • Retain your target audience and consumers
  • Increase loyalty and trust 
  • Build your company’s industry authority
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Identify content gaps and needs

How far in advance should content be strategized? 

Your content can be strategized for several months in advance. You can start the content planning process in several ways but it may be easiest to outline key industry events or milestones, topics that your potential customers and consumers are interested in, as well as monthly or regular features. 

Look to prioritize time-based content and seasonal highlights on your content calendar. Next, add in any monthly features such as products, interviews, or series publications. Content that you know won’t change with time or industry updates are great for filling gaps. It’s wise to leave some flexibility in your content calendar for special events or items that you may not have originally planned. 

Review your content calendar regularly to make adjustments based on your overall content marketing plan and business goals, in addition to accommodating related industry changes. As difficult as it may seem, planning long-term increases the cohesiveness of your topics. This will give you the ability to cross-promote content across your most valuable channels and reach customers where they already are.

Items to include in your content marketing plan

Content development is only one element of your marketing plan as a whole. To truly deliver results and move your business goals forward you’ll want to consider:

  • the different types of content,
  • the frequency at which to publish each content type,
  • the specific marketing channels to use to share different content,
  • and the particular buyer persona that you are trying to reach with each content piece.

A robust content marketing plan will educate your users on every aspect related to your core product and/or service. Bayshore Solutions’ content marketing agency services and expertise surpass 20 years in the industry. We’ll organize a content marketing plan that works best for your company and your company’s goals. By defining customer audiences, creating stories, and implementing technology, we can help your content produce real results. 

Call (866) 352-4791 or email us at to discuss your needs and learn how we can facilitate growth.

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