Introducing nopCommerce 4.0!

Contributed by Jody Roberts, Senior Developer

On Thursday November 9th, it was announced that nopCommerce 4.0 had been released.  This announcement outlined the key enhancements that this version brings to the market.  It was clear that the nopCommerce team focused specifically on performance for this release.

nopCommerce 4.0 is a landmark release for the product in terms of performance.  Mainly because of the migration to ASP.NET Core 2.0, a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications and ultimately the fastest version of .NET ever.  nopCommerce 4.0 benefits significantly in performance because of this migration.  For this release, nopCommerce is not cross-platform yet because the nopCommerce team is waiting for Microsoft to fully support elements of the database framework in .NET Core.  This is expected to be complete in Q1-Q2 2018.

Additionally, the team targeted a number of other significant performance enhancements.  These include:

  • Javascript files have been moved to the footer
  • The Scheduled tasks now are run using HTTP request (instead of in the background)
  • More SQL Indexes to speed up queries
  • Response Compression
  • Caching of stores, currencies, and languages between requests (instead of loading for each HTTP request)
  • Generated bundles and minified files are stored on the file system
  • And many others…


Plugin Management has been streamlined by adding in the ability to upload a plugin or theme through the admin.  Previously it was required to drop these packages on to the file system to install.

Local Plugins for Nop


Cleaner Admin UI via Nested Settings

The admin UI/UX also has been improved by the inclusion of nested settings that appear when a section is turned on.  An example would be the flag “Shipping Enabled”.  If the product has its shipping enabled, a number of other settings will appear to the administrator that group under “shipping enabled” such as weight, length, etc.  Otherwise these setting will remain hidden for a cleaner admin screen.

Shipping Options - Example of nested settings

These changes are just some of the important enhancements.  There are many more updates, architectural changes, and bug fixes included with this release.  You can view a more detailed list by viewing the release notes at

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