Important Digital Marketing Services Agencies Offer

For businesses, hiring outside consultants for digital marketing services has become the norm. With so many different digital channels available to companies, it can be a daunting task to do them all correctly and make sure they are generating positive results.

That’s because marketing, especially digital marketing, is more complex than ever. While traditional marketing channels remain available, digital marketing services provided by agencies have opened a variety of ways to reach new customers and retain current ones.  And these digital marketing channels are now the rule, not the exception. Any business that wants to excel in generating new business must adopt a marketing mix that includes digital.

The following are some of the core digital marketing services agencies offer that every company should leverage to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and keep current customers engaged.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important digital marketing services an agency can provide to a client. It’s free, but it takes time to see results and it’s a moving target. Google often changes the criteria on what exactly it looks for when deciding how to rank results on search results. That said, this much is for sure: non-duplicate, clear, informative and useful information will rank higher and drive more traffic to site.  The rule is to write for the consumer, not for Google’s crawlers.  Agencies understand this and keep up with the latest updates to Google's algorithms, making sure their customers are benefiting from the latest SEO best practices.

SEO has become more sophisticated over the years as Google’s algorithm’s get smarter and content that is simply “stuffed with keywords” will not rank nearly as well as content that is truly valuable to those that read it. An agency can help create content that is useful to consumers and help your company rank higher is search results.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) involves the buying of ads online, such as on Google or Bing search results, and getting charged every time someone clicks on your ads. This is a difficult job as it’s important to pay for ads on the proper keywords. You don’t want to spend money on people who are irrelevant to your product or service.  PPC requires a great amount of know-how to get right, which is why many companies use agencies to manage this piece for them.

PPC can generate instant results, but it will cost you money.  It’s the “other side of the coin” to SEO.  One is free and takes time, the other can be instant but costs money.  Either way, an agency can help build you a marketing strategy that includes both SEO and PPC since they complement each other.

Email Marketing

Done correctly, email remains one of the best ways to reach customers. “Done correctly” involves engaging subject lines and email content that is short, not “sales-y” and offers customers something useful. That includes special promotions, discounts or deals for loyal customers. Email is a great way to move prospects down your marketing funnel and keep current customers engaged with your brand.

Sending emails requires building email lists, which is a job of its own. In many cases, businesses will offer information (such as a white papers) in exchange for a person’s email address. An agency can help build your database by creating marketing campaigns that will generate new contacts.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing because it is a place where people gather in large numbers in the online world. It’s important for businesses to have a presence on social media, linking to important content and offering deals, promotions, etc. An agency can help keep up your social media channels and foster a community that drives brand recognition, generates leads and any other goals you may have.

Social media is also important for reputation management. It gives consumers a place to voice their opinions on your business, whether good or bad, and it has the potential to reach a lot of people. As such, it’s important to keep track of what people are saying about your company, making sure to show gratitude for those praising your business and addressing negative comments in a constructive way.

These are some of the digital marketing services an agency can provide that can make a big difference for a business. Content marketing, public relations, video marketing and marketing automation are just some of the other services an agency can help with. While the marketing world has become more complex, the right professional service can make it easier to navigate and success more likely.

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