Top 3 New Features in Sitefinity 10

By David Roberts, Bayshore Solutions Director of Development

Progress released Sitefinity 10 on March 14, 2017 and with it came several new features and enhancements in security, authentication, reliability, and extensibility. Here are three new things in Sitefinity 10 that excited us the most and that we wanted to share.

1. Additional Authentication Methods

Sitefinity now comes with built-in support to authenticate users with Windows authentication, ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services), and several Social Media providers including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub. If you need to authenticate with a different provider, Sitefinity 10 contains enhancements to its API which make custom integrations even easier than before.
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2. Sitefinity Warmup Tool

The Sitefinity Warmup Tool provides an easy way to ensure all of your content is pre-compiled and easily accessible in Sitefinity’s output cache, making your site load faster. The pages that it caches are defined in your sitemap by priority, but it can also be customized via a custom plugin if you want to provide different caching priorities. By taking advantage of this feature you can be assured that your site visitors will be getting the optimal experience.

3. Import/Export Data

Content and/or Data Structures can now easily be exported from one site into another with this new feature. Select which specific content types you want to migrate, export them into a .zip file, and import them into another Sitefinity instance. User profiles can also be exported. This is a great way to streamline the creation of starter content and custom data structures when creating new sites.


If you have an existing Sitefinity website and are looking to upgrade to Sitefinity 10, or if you are considering a brand new site design (or redesign), Sitefinity 10 has several business-differentiating features that we think you will really appreciate.

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