10 HubSpot Features to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing system that can make your tasks faster, easier, and more effective. If you haven’t used HubSpot before, then you’ll be impressed at how many time saving and conversion-optimizing features they’ve packed into their products. 

There are dozens of features that make HubSpot a powerhouse of marketing efficiency, but these ten tools, templates, systems and integrations below are some of the standouts that will help you work smarter and get better returns on your digital marketing efforts. Read on to find out which elements will be your game changers to help you attract, convert, and delight more customers.

1. Blogging Tools

HubSpot’s blogging tools help you write higher-converting posts with less effort. With their search trends-based blog ideas generator and their specialized CMS and blogging platform, you can get SEO insights and recommendations as you type, so you’ll never struggle again to hit the most craved topics for your audience.

2. SEO-Friendly Design

Not only do HubSpot’s search trend insights help you plan your content strategy, but the best SEO practices are built right into their CMS. From keywords and page descriptions to site maps and more, their SEO-friendly design will optimize the backend of your website and make sure that your thoughtful advice shows up strongly on the results page for the people who need it.

3. Social Media Management

If you’ve ever despaired at the time and energy it takes to keep your brand active on multiple platforms, you’ll understand the enormous value of bringing all your social media accounts into one management tool. HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software lets you easily automate, repurpose and repost your content, but it has special features that let you keep track of important conversations. Monitor and prioritize threads to make sure you’re speaking up when you’re top of mind for your audience.

4. Ad Tracking and Management

Much like with social media, bringing your ad campaigns into HubSpot can save significant time. HubSpot’s Ad Software allows you to monitor and adjust your ads from one place, whether they’re running on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Ads. Skipping all those sign-ins is a major efficiency, and bundling all the analytics into one place makes it easier to get a global view of how each platform is contributing to your goal.

5. Landing Page and Forms Builders

Gone are the days when you need to book time with designers and web developers to get your lead generation campaign up and running. With the beautiful templates and drag-and-drop builders in the HubSpot suite, you can easily create your own professional-looking landing pages and forms, and then hook them up to your funnels in a heartbeat. Start capturing those interested readers and bring them smoothly into your lead management tools and nurture workflows.

6. Email Marketing

Although there are many email marketing services out there, tying them into your website, landing pages, and sales flow can be complicated. HubSpot’s integrated emails make the connection effortless. As soon as your visitors subscribe, your sequences can get right to work segmenting them, delivering personalized content and launching targeted campaigns that line up perfectly with their needs.

7. Automations

Far beyond email sequences, HubSpot’s automation capabilities can streamline almost every step of your customer’s journey. Save precious time and scale your efforts with ease by creating workflows that schedule meetings, onboard clients, deliver invoices, and share lead and customer relationship data with your sales team. The huge app ecosystem allows you to build an almost endless variety of flows to help your business grow with less fuss.

8. Marketing Analytics

HubSpot’s analytics dashboard and reports are connected to every part of your funnel, with fully customizable views. That means you get real-time snapshots of the data that matters to you most, and you’ll never have to wonder if your campaign is getting a good ROI. You’ll see what your audience responds to right now, create high-impact content, find and fix places where your funnels aren’t working, and watch the returns skyrocket.

9. Lead Tracking and Management

The deep level of insight in HubSpot’s Lead Tracking system can level up your sales approach exponentially. With all of your audience’s behavioural data in one place, you can segment and personalize campaigns with confidence. Create an outstanding experience that turns visitors and subscribers into loyal consumers.

10. Account-Based Marketing 

When your sales team is fully engaged with your marketing process, you get cascading benefits. HubSpot’s clever integrations like Salesforce put lead data at your sales team’s fingertips, helping them close deals with your most valuable prospects. This internal collaboration can also deepen your audience insights. Your sales people’s close contact with customers can help your content creators identify and respond quickly to changing needs and behaviours. By improving communication between sales and marketing, you can bring your content planning and customer experience to a whole new level.

Is HubSpot Right for Your Company?

If you’re looking for digital marketing software that will make your content more powerful, streamline your client acquisition, and take your customer experience to new heights, it may be worth your while to explore HubSpot. As a Platinum Partner, Bayshore leverages HubSpot on behalf of our clients to manage their CRM, social media, content marketing, email execution, campaign strategy and more.

Contact us to see if HubSpot is the right choice to host and manage your marketing efforts.



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