How nopCommerce 4.0 Benefits Both Consumers and Developers

nopCommerce has for years improved online businesses, helping both veteran sites and startups provide the best user experience possible for customers. As a Gold Partner, Bayshore Solutions tailors the power of nopCommerce to any unique business needs for e-commerce functionality that fits and scales.

The recently released nopCommerce 4.0 promises to raise the bar even higher.

For consumers, it’s all about speed. They will immediately reap the benefits of sites using nopCommerce 4.0, said Jody Roberts, Senior Developer at Bayshore Solutions.

“For the consumer, this means faster load times, faster transaction time – a better user experience,” Roberts said.

The Importance of Speed

Fast-loading websites have a big advantage over slower-loading competitors. Almost half of website traffic is lost when a web page takes more than three seconds to load, according to information from Akamai.

Slows sites can result in lower conversion rate as people simply click out of the site and move on, never to return.

Perhaps the most famous study on this came from Amazon. The online retailer reported that just a one second delay in page download time could cost the company $1.6 billion in annual sales. Google projects it could lose eight million searches a day – and millions in advertising dollars - with search results appearing just four-tenths of a second slower than expected.

“Speed is huge in the online world when you’re trying to get someone to buy your product,” said Roberts.

He pointed out a handful of other improvements to nopCommerce 4.0 directly related to speed.

  • Generated bundles and minified files are stored on the file system
  • SQL indexes speed up queries
  • Caching of stores, currencies and languages between requests
  • Response compression

All of this helps sites run faster and improve overall performance.

 ASP.NET Core integration

Another improvement with nopcommerce 4.0 is its integration into ASP.NET Core. That might not mean much for consumers, but to developers it’s a big upgrade.

Robert said the integration allows developers to use Microsoft’s “latest and greatest technology” and will eventually have the platform run across Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

“Essentially, it means platform independence,” Robert said. “That is big because most e-commerce platforms are meant to work on only one of the three above.”

For this release, nopCommerce is not yet cross-platform because the team is waiting for Microsoft to fully support elements of the database framework in ASP.NET Core.  This is expected to be complete in Q1-Q2 2018.

Looking ahead, nopCommerce is currently working on a “Shopping Cart Migration” feature. Essentially, this allows an existing online company to move all product listings and related attributes into a nopCommerce platform. That will eliminate a big “customer pain point” when it comes to switching to a different e-commerce system.

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