Smart Creative Options: A Recap of Google’s Expert Series Training - Part 2

As a Google Premier Partner, Bayshore Solutions receives exclusive benefits that include attending Google Expert Series trainings that help us be better paid media marketers. In our last recap (LINK TO PART 1), we discussed the varyious smart bidding solutions available to marketers.

This time, our Digital Media Strategist, Meghann Anderson-Russell has some great takeaways related to PPC smart ads. Read on to learn more about the two smart creative options available in Google Ads.

Smart Creative

Like Smart bidding, advances in machine learning have led to huge growth in smart creatives in the past year. Keep in mind that smart creative works best when paired with traditional creatives in the same ad group.

Performance should be evaluated at the ad group level, not at the ad level, as it's not apples-to-apples. The two kinds of creatives below are meant to work together and complement each other – not compete against each other. These creative options include:

Responsive Search Ads

These work best with 5 distinct headlines and 2 distinct descriptions, but the more the merrier. You can utilize the pinning feature to ensure a specific headline always appears in the first or second position of the ad. You can pin multiple headlines to one position and at least one of the pinned options will appear.

Headlines should not repeat the same or similar phrases. To keep it unique, Google recommends the following cheat sheet for headlines: search query relevance, product or service related, slogans, trust, CTA, brand, inventory & selection, customer service, warranties, pricing & fees, shipping & returns and incentives & discounts.

Responsive Display Ads

These work best with 5 images, 5 headlines, 5 short descriptions, 1:1 logo, video, long headline and business name. Make sure images are free of text and high-quality. Short headlines can spell out your offer, tell users what you do, or what makes you unique.

Short headlines should not be salesy or repeat your business name. Long headlines should demonstrate your brand or product’s value proposition and be able to stand on their own.  

Again, these two smart bidding options are designed to complement each other.  Using a mix of both will make the most sense to test for your business. Don’t go at it alone. Bayshore Solutions helps companies manage their paid media campaigns and ads to maximize their value.

Get in touch with us today at 866-356-4791 or to learn how we can help make the most out of your paid media efforts.


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