Five Key Benefits of Using the HubSpot Blogging Platform

By Lee Flynn, Guest Author

HubSpot is a robust marketing automation platform designed for anyone and everyone, from the average baking enthusiast to the savviest online marketing professional. With a 49.4% market share, HubSpot is the number one marketing automation platform solution. It includes various distinct benefits that apply to every one of its users. Given the depth and breadth of the tool – it can be used for everything from CRM, email marketing, landing page development, call-to-action badges, full campaigns, and more. Today we will cover several of the key benefits of using the HubSpot blogging platform and leveraging HubSpot-hosted content.

1. SEO Benefits

The wide majority of available SEO tools have their users do research for their blogs outside of the program. HubSpot features a platform where you can perform all of your SEO research right beside your content tools. This allows you to quickly use fairly high-ranking keywords without even having to switch tabs. HubSpot helps guide you to improve your Google and Bing search rankings and optimize your website for ideal keywords. It also allows you to keep a close eye on how your competitors are doing. Content served via HubSpot’s platform generally renders faster than most of its competitors, which with Google's new search algorithms, helps sites made with it rank higher in the search results.

2. Customized Designs

HubSpot gives its users the ability to manufacture their own website blog landing pages with a specialized custom template builder. There is no limit to what the users can change within the template, they are given the freedom to manipulate the structure and layout design in whatever way they want. The custom template builder comes equipped with drag and drop technology, allowing users to easily customize the entire page. It also lets the user change fonts, colors, and more, with no coding or scripting experience whatsoever. If you actually wish to use coding, it is definitely an option, allowing you to change templates however you wish. If you want to expand upon your website, there are a few plugins and widgets available, such as social media widgets, and translation software.

3. Fully Responsive Design

Today, it is increasingly necessary to have a website conform to certain screen sizes, allowing mobile devices and PCs to view the same website in different ways. Studies show that near 60% of internet users access most websites from a mobile device. With blog content hosted on HubSpot landing pages, responsive design is handled automatically.

4. Smarter Content

The majority of content management systems operate by allowing their users to easily manage the content that is displayed on their websites. HubSpot goes the extra mile, giving you the ability to directly target groups of specific people. Instead of developing fairly generic content that is directed towards a wide audience, you can send specific messages to individuals who are actually interested in what you are advertising. For example, if your company sells sporting goods you can target only individuals who have shown interest in sport watches.

5. Accurate Analytics

One of the other great things that HubSpot provides is accurate website analytics. The analytics help you to determine what is drawing in the most visitors and helps you to tailor your content based on that. It will let you know when you need to improve, and will inform you of other actions you can take to improve your site's traffic. It allows you to track variables such as organic traffic, how each page is performing, potential leads, and other useful data. For example, it could inform you of how your site is getting some traffic from the "sporting good shops in NYC" keyword. Then you could tailor one of your pages to incorporate it correctly, bringing in more traffic.

There are many benefits that come with using the HubSpot platform for creating your blog (and website in general). It can bring new visitors, improve your website's search rankings, and allow you to keep track of your site's various statistics. HubSpot is a powerful marketing and blogging tool that features a variety of unique functions. Overall, HubSpot is a highly effective tool for inbound marketing as recognized by Bayshore Solutions.

If you would like more information regarding HubSpot, or if you are currently using HubSpot and would like to work with a HubSpot partner agency – contact Bayshore Solutions today!



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