Driving Actions with YouTube: A Recap of Google’s Expert Series Training - Part 3

As a Google Premier Partner, Bayshore Solutions receives exclusive benefits that include attending Google Expert Series trainings that help us be better paid media marketers. Our first recap (LINK TO PART 1) had our Digital Media Strategist, Meghann Anderson-Russell weigh in on the varying smart bidding solutions available to marketers. In part 2 (LINK TO PART 2), Meghann had some great insight related to PPC smart creative.

In this third installment, our other Digital Media Strategist, Scott Goldberg shares some key takeaways related to driving actions with YouTube in the form of a Q&A.

Driving Action with YouTube

Q: What kind of budget is needed to drive conversions on YouTube?

A: The recommended budget for YouTube is 20x double the target CPA, which can be a lot to stomach for most companies. Utilizing micro conversions (i.e. specific page visits, products added to cart, etc.) can help bridge this gap and set up the campaigns for long-term success.

This way the recommended budget doesn’t need to be nearly as high and once the campaigns are up and running for a decent amount of time, they can always be refined to focus on a specific conversion action.

Q: What is a good approach to reaching the right people while remaining aligned to a CPL goal?

A: Remarketing typically has a very low CPL so this should be the first place to start. Once a favorable CPL has been established, work your way up to reach people based on intent (e.g. custom intent audiences, in-market audiences, life events). If this proves beneficial, then start reaching people based on interests and habits (e.g. affinity audiences, custom affinity).

Q: How can YouTube complement my current paid search efforts?

A: Earning attention requires spending in new ways. YouTube uses the same signals that search campaigns use to best target a prospective consumer who is most likely to convert. If people are actively seeking out your brand or products/services, it may take more than just paid search to turn that prospect into a client.

YouTube can help show the personality of your brand much better than paid search can, and it can reach people in the right place and at the right time to help them along their path to conversion.

Q: What is the downside of using YouTube?

A: As beneficial as YouTube can be to a business, the biggest downside lies within the conversion tracking. Since YouTube measures view-through conversions, it is unable to utilize conversions defined within Google Analytics and those conversions must come from Google Ads. But with additional tracking in place and consideration for duplicate conversions, this downside can be mitigated.

YouTube is a relatively new player in the ad space game. But if used correctly, it can be a tremendous amplifier for your brand that can generate leads. Bayshore Solutions helps companies manage their YouTube ads and can help get your digital media campaigns off the ground.

Get in touch with us today at 866-356-4791 or info@bayshoresolutions.com to learn how we can help make the most out of your paid media efforts.


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