Digital Marketing Trends That Aren’t Going Away in 2020

Digital marketers have a variety of trends to keep up with each year and 2020 brings even more tools and tactics to dive into. While we expect some change in the digital landscape to mold how we syndicate our tactics, there are some significant digital marketing trends that we expect to stick around for many years to come.

Here’s a list of some of the timeliest strategies to make your digital marketing efforts more engaging.

Personalized Customer Experience

Success in inbound marketing is about providing users with content that draws them into a site and earns their trust by answering their questions and providing valuable information. The drive toward creating more personalized content around niche products and services is increasing as consumers become savvier and want a better user experience when researching products online.

Personalized content can cover many distinct aspects of marketing. It can mean tailoring content to appeal to specific demographic groups. It can mean content aimed at potential buyers who have a higher understanding of the issues around a product or service. The idea is to engage customers and provide them information, not bombard them with advertising. Personalization in content is a long-term strategy that rewards organizations with commitment and patience.

Machine Learning & Marketing Automation

From using programmatic marketing to making real-time ad buys to crunching data that develops a fuller picture of customers, automation will continue to provide an advantage for those who put it into play. Automation is part of almost every phase of marketing and sales, allowing companies to build better relationships with customers much faster than in the past.

The difference with machine learning now is that even those with no background in writing code can make use of machine learning tools thanks to services offered through companies such as HubSpot.

Video Marketing

Nothing new here, but if you haven’t yet gotten into video, you are falling behind the competition. It’s not enough to simply throw a video together and publish it. Businesses need to plan ways to use video as part of a larger marketing strategy. Do research on what other companies are doing in terms of video and determine what might work best for you. There are many choices in terms of length of video, use of animation and the look of a video. This is an area where many organizations rely on the expertise of professionals for video marketing.

Targeting Generation Z

Generation Z is the generation born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s. The oldest among that generation are now graduating college and preparing to embark on their adult journey — jobs, finding a place to live, making purchasing choices on everyday items, etc. They also grew up very comfortable with using the internet for every type of transaction, making them the most digitally savvy generation yet. They are extremely tech savvy and not as brand loyal as previous generations. If you haven’t started coming up with a marketing plan to reach this generation, look to add it to your goals for this year.

Dynamic Funnel Marketing

Currently, most marketers attempt to guide users along a set path through a site, eventually bringing them to a landing page where action is required of them. That’s already somewhat dated because of the advances in machine learning.

Dynamic marketing takes the possibilities of machine learning and real-time data crunching and combines it with stellar content. Using the data given by customers, sites can determine what customers want to see next in real-time by using data on their past behavior. This allows marketers to keep users interested by showing them content that data indicates they most want to see and creates a personalized funnel designed to work best with the individual involved.

All the above is about providing users with an experience that is improved and targeted to their tastes and interests. As marketers, you want to use the tools and techniques at hand to create ongoing relationships with customers. 

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