Digital Marketing for Auto Dealers

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Do You Have a Social, Local and Mobile Strategy Aligned for Your Dealership’s Online Success?

Let’s start with Social:
Reputation Management & Customer Service
You must take control of social media messages. Do not allow frustrated consumers to continue any complaints and frustrations in an online banter. Quickly address their needs and move the conversation off of social media and focus on resolving offline. Once resolved, encourage the consumer to close the matter online. It’s not the complaint that affects online reputation, it’s the resolution.

Facebook - Your Newest Ad Platform
Since Facebook moved to monetize their platform with ads, they have restricted native posts that come off “Salesy”. So, where your post efforts may have reached most Facebook users, the new algorithm pushes you to buy advertising to reach your audience. However, Facebook has provided a robust platform that allows better targeting than Google Adwords, at a much lower cost per acquisition. You can directly target buyers that own certain types of vehicles, are more than a number of years old, and within a specific radius of your store.

The key to a successful social media strategy consists of three elements:
• Creating a social media plan and calendar focused on relevant content.
• Defining who is responsible for executing and managing the plan.
• Measuring the results and taking meaningful action.

Local Strategy
For your Local strategy, success is based on executing a sound SEO plan that accommodates both desktop and mobile traffic. Search phrases of consumers continue to become longer and more refined as they search for exactly the car they intend to buy. These higher converting search terms cost more, but yield better results when it comes to measuring converted sales. Local search engine optimization provides opportunities to grab market share from competitors not dedicated to investing in owning the local search results.

Mobile Strategy
Lastly and most importantly, Mobile search continues to grow at an exponential pace. Google recently announced that mobile searches have bypassed desktop searches. 85% of mobile users will only interact with the first three results when doing a mobile search. Can you afford for your business not to be in the top mobile search results? Beyond organic, seize the opportunity to do paid search and use the call button extension in your ads to increase your lead conversions.

With a sound strategy to manage and measure Social, Local, and Mobile, your business can thrive as the digital age continues to progress.

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