Digital Summit Denver 2019: Digital Tips, Downloadable Workbooks and Crazy Stats

Bayshore Solutions periodically sends team members to educational conferences to keep their digital skills sharp. Our Senior Account Manager, Patrick Obando recently participated in the 2019 Digital Summit in Denver, CO and brought back plenty of useful information and workbooks related to the latest and greatest in digital marketing.

And don’t miss the “crazy stats” section at the bottom that is sure to enlighten you on the current state of digital.

Actionable Digital Tips


  • Create buyer personas
  • For keywords, start with brainstorming
    • Expand your list with tools that show related keywords and phrases
    • Identify synonyms
    • Consider semantic relationship of words
  • Validate with keyword search volume
    • Relevancy is the most critical part
    • Know if it is a conversion word
    • Stay away from single word queries
  • Identify search intent
    • Purchase (“office supplies”)
    • Informational (“who starred in”)
    • Problem based (“how to fix”)
    • Visit in person (“near me”)
  • Identify the user journey
    • Optimize website for keywords throughout the buyer’s journey
    • Content should capture these moments
    • Focus on AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action) and how to produce content for each step

Landing Pages

  • Landing pages have two jobs:
    • Keep the promise made in an ad, email, social post
    • Get the visitor to take an action
  • Your promise is your offer. Make it clear and easy to identify.
  • Relate the copy to the user. This is where personas come in handy.
  • Run your landing page through the 5-second test. Does the visitor know what the page is about, what action they need to take and how to proceed in 5 seconds?
  • Use heat maps and scroll testing to see if there are road blocks in the user journey.

Social Media

  • Present your brand honestly and focus on serving audience first
  • Forget the hard sell and show value through thought-leadership content
  • People want to feel seen and heard. Interact with your audience by replying to their comments and use questions in your posts to encourage conversation
  • Run polls — people love to give their opinions
  • Set up contests, ask for user reviews and post testimonials to build trust

Workbooks to Download


Download Mindy Weinstein’s (founder and president of Market MindShift) “Become An SEO Rock Star: Actionable Strategies, Tactics & Tools” workbook that contains extensive information detailing how to analyze your searchers, optimize your website, create your online authority and more.


Download Jen Capstraw’s (Director of Strategic Insights & Evangelism at Iterable) “Forget Everything You Know About Email Marketing” workbook that will help you identify email campaign opportunities, your customers’ lifecycle, prioritization and roadmapping.


Download Leigh George’s (PhD) “Creating Foolproof Content Marketing That Customers Love” workbook that contains extensive information that details how to analyze your searchers, optimize your website, create your online authority and more. 

Crazy Stats

  • Google "near me" searches doubled in 2017
  • 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business
  • 81% reported increased website traffic with just six hours a week of social media marketing
  • 83% of brands found Facebook Live effective for reaching new audiences
  • Highest ranking content has an average of 1,200 words
  • Personalized CTAs lead to 42% more conversions
  • 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days
  • The top 4 search results yield 96% of clicks
  • 58% of enterprise business executives are using predictive analytics
  • 71% of Millennials would try a chatbot experience from a major brand
  • 77% of consumers have paid more for a brand that provides a personalized experience
  • 29% of companies are prioritizing social selling
  • 1M new mobile social users are registered daily
  • 62% of marketers chose Facebook as their most important platform
  • Customer conversion is 129% higher when social media is part of the buyer’s journey
  • 72% of consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing Instagram photos of a product
  • Segmented email campaigns yield a 760% increase in revenue

This is just part of the knowledge Patrick brought back with him to help us be better marketers for our clients. Bayshore Solutions is dedicated to keeping our people sharp to keep our clients’ businesses growing.

Contact Bayshore Solutions today to discuss how we can help grow your business through expert Digital Marketing.


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