How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy with Your Agency Partner

Working with a digital marketing agency should be a true partnership. You enter the equation with deep knowledge of your brand, your company, and your audience. Meanwhile, your agency partner brings--ideally--many years of experience and the latest industry expertise. When you work together well, 2 plus 2 equals 5! Create a marketing strategy that exceeds your expectations by following these guidelines.

Help Your Agency Partner Help You

First and foremost, choose an agency that fits your brand, culture, and budget. Look for an agency with a proven process, who can clearly articulate their success with previous clients. Once you solidify your choice, prepare to participate in a two-way partnership that equips your agency to give you their best.

Consider who in your organization should participate in the relationship. Remember that different people bring valuable perspectives that form a complete picture of your business. Together, you will educate your agency content partner on the intricacies of your brand and contribute key industry details only apparent to practitioners in your space. Walk them through your brand story from the origins of your business to your unique picture of success.

While you know your company best, your agency partner brings a fresh perspective. They can help you identify industry jargon or other potential barriers for your target audience. Your separate points of view fuse into powerful messaging. 

Conduct Data Discovery

Your agency should let you know what kinds of data will most influence their recommendations. Share as much as you can. Example might include:

  • Google analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Customer demographics and psychographics
  • Customer survey results
  • Proprietary industry research

If you haven’t been conducting research or collecting data until now, don’t worry. Your agency can help you dig into what you do have, or start from ground zero if necessary. However, any information may prove useful as you create a marketing strategy. An experienced agency will share findings from the broader digital space and apply these to your business model.

Develop Marketing Personas

Together, you and your agency partner will develop customer personas. If you already have personas, it may be time to revisit them to make sure they match the current industry landscape. Whether you start with existing materials or not, your agency partner will execute a carefully designed process to build current, relevant personas.

Your content creation partner may interview key people who know your audience well in order to elicit crucial information. They might talk with your sales team or others who interact directly with customers. Recognizing that each of your customers is unique, they will group them into three to six targets with similar needs and demographics. Directing your toward a distinct persona helps elucidate a clear benefit of your product or service for that audience. It will give your much more impact than it would have otherwise.

Choose the Best Digital Marketing Channels

Once you invest the time and energy to develop excellent personas, you will assess where they “live” online. Your most incredible won’t get results if you don’t get it in front of the right people. Your agency partner can make this happen.

Enable their efforts by sharing any existing data on how your customers communicate online, whether via email, social media, website forms, chatbots, or other forms of interaction. Your agency will share the latest best practices, tips, and tools.

An important element of choosing your channels is the commitment to maintain them. The internet favors fresh, timely . Customers expect a steady stream of useful information from your blog, social media, and other digital channels. Your must keep both humans and search engines happy and a great agency fully understands both.

You may designate a member of your internal team to carry out ongoing management or you may contract with your agency to keep it alive. You will need to not only create but analyze results, continuously reevaluate, and adjust your strategy. Make sure you take these future needs into account as part of your marketing strategy.

Use a Strategy Roadmap

The processes described above will yield mountains of information. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here’s where your agency takes on some of the heavy lifting. If you have actively participated in generating quality input to this point, they can now shape it into a clear roadmap that puts you on the road to success.

Continue open communication to scope the full extent of your project. Collaborate to define the specific outcomes you wish to see and the timeline you all will follow. Your agency partner should promise to connect with you on a regular basis to report progress and milestones.

If you feel lost, follow the map! Understand that adjustments may be needed along the way. In a strong client-agency relationship you will always know what your agency is working on and anything they need from you. Be sure to ask any questions that arise as you go along. The relationship works best when you fully understand the strategy.

Remember, your marketing plan will succeed when you treat it as a partnership. Your win is your agency’s win. Together, you will build a fruitful relationship that yields measurable results.

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