Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

Communication is Key

As project manager, our primary role in our organization is communicating – we’re responsible for delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. Project managers are not just responsible for effectively communicating with the client team, but all parties involved in the project.  This includes stakeholders, internal team(s), third party vendors and anyone else who plays a role in the project.Communication is defined as the “transfer of information from one entity to another”. But what good is transferring information if it can’t be understood or isn’t the right information?  How do we make sure it’s the right information?

We ask questions, repeat the answers to ensure comprehension and then ask more questions.

  • What are the goals for this project?
  • How will you know your project is a success?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do we want the end users experience to be?

Asking the right questions is key. If the project manager can’t explain the client’s objectives to the project team, how can they ensure success? The same applies to asking the correct questions to the project team once the project is underway.

  • As project team, can we articulate the goals and measurements of success for the project?
  • Can we ensure we have selected the best-fit technology for the project?
  • How best can we utilize the technology to accomplish the client’s goals and deliver success?

A successful project takes team work and effective communication. A successful project manager understands their audience, has a communications plan for each project and communicates pertinent information about project deliverables to both the client and the project team.