How we positioned an insurance processing company as an industry leader using LinkedIn

When Patra was founded, its main goal was enabling insurance brokers to issue certificates faster and more efficiently. As the industry evolved, so did Patra: they now offer more than 160 distinct services to retail agencies, managing general agents (MGAs), wholesalers, and carriers. 

Patra Corporation works with team members across the globe to support their clients. To keep up with an evolving industry and to continue providing excellent care to clients, Patra wanted to establish themselves as an authority in their space. To help them achieve their goals, Bayshore created a marketing strategy for Patra on LinkedIn.

Patra’s positioning dilemma 

Although Patra had an organic social media strategy already in place for the company, they wanted to do more. Patra’s audience on LinkedIn was largely employees, and they wanted to connect with other professionals in the industry naturally.

Patra also wanted to position themselves as industry experts in the business process outsourcing space. The company was looking for a new way to expand the reach of their messaging to achieve their goals.

An elevated solution: LinkedIn thought leadership strategy

The Bayshore team recommended incorporating a thought leadership strategy into Patra’s ongoing social media efforts. 

Choosing the right strategy

A thought leadership strategy is an inbound marketing strategy that: 

  • shapes a brand
  • forges customer relationships by offering value
  • increases awareness
  • builds influence and trust
  • grows networks organically

A well-planned thought leadership strategy, like the one we created for Patra, forges customer relationships by offering valuable, thoughtful content to audiences. It positions an organization as a credible, authoritative source of knowledge, using the voice of their leaders. These leaders have enough expertise and experience to talk about challenges and trends in an industry, while providing useful insights and solutions to their audience. We knew it would be the perfect strategy for Patra.

To launch our strategy, we first identified two of Patra’s most important leaders in the organization: their CEO and COO. Both had large followings and influence on LinkedIn. We could use their social media power to expand Patra’s messaging and reach potential prospects.

Creating a content calendar

After identifying Patra’s thought leaders, it was time to create a monthly content calendar for each of them. 

Their respective calendars were composed of:

  • Industry-related posts, such as news articles and Patra blogs
  • Short-form posts and open-ended questions meant to spark conversation
  • LinkedIn articles written by the Bayshore team that addressed industry-related topics in depth

This mix of content was implemented to provide valuable knowledge to both thought leaders’ audiences, engage with LinkedIn users, and boost Patra’s reputation and authority within the industry.


The result: increased number of followers and interactions 

Thought Leadership is a long-term marketing strategy that typically takes time to see results. However, we quickly saw an increase in followers and interactions for both Thought Leaders on LinkedIn. As we increased posting frequency, the posts were getting more views, as well as engagement with LinkedIn users.

In just 5 months, Patra’s thought leaders saw:

  • 14,844 Total Posts Views on the CEO’s LinkedIn profile
  • 31,516 Total Posts Views on the COO’s LinkedIn profile

Patra’s thought leadership strategy was an immediate success. Continuing to offer a blend of thoughtful, useful content on LinkedIn will continue to pay off for Patra’s influence and reach on social media. Most of all, they are now focused on creating an expert presence where it matters most for their brand.

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