How we created 18% more engagement and 50% more followers for an expert tree service company

With over 75 years of experience in the field, tree service company Townsend has grown and expanded their workforce in over 30 states. Townsend provides a wide range of services, including vegetation management, power line clearance, storm damage relief, and much more. The company has grown exponentially since the early nineties, and has no plans to stop soon. 

Their determination and dedication to being an industry leader extends to their online presence, too. That’s why Townsend approached Bayshore with a desire to improve their organic social media presence. By first evaluating their goals and then implementing the right strategy, the Bayshore team helped Townsend share more creative content that resonated with their audience. The results speak for themselves! 

Overcoming social disconnection 

Townsend wanted to increase their social media presence, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn, using an organic approach. Their team wanted content that was both shareable and educational, and that helped them stand out.

Our goal was to create a social media strategy for Townsend that: 

  1. Went beyond sharing third-party articles and blogs
  2. Increased follower and employee activity on their platforms
  3. Allowed for trending and up-to-date content

The Bayshore team immediately got to work creating a new strategy that would actually get Townsend results, and remove the feeling of “posting just to post.” 

Content solutions: scheduling and strategizing

To begin creating a new social media strategy for Townsend, Bayshore first conducted a social media content audit of all their existing accounts. We found that sections needed updating, and the content needed an overhaul.

Profile updates

Our team identified areas that needed improvement and optimized all the important sections in each social profile. This included:

  • About pages
  • Company history sections
  • Adding call-to-action buttons where possible

Bi-weekly content calendars

One of the biggest changes made to Townsend’s social media strategy was moving from a monthly content calendar to a biweekly calendar, but it was a necessary one. The Bayshore team knew a bi-weekly approach could help Townsend share more timely content on current events and company updates. It would also eliminate the “filler” posts that often don’t get engagement. This intentionality would help ensure that content their audience cared about would get shared.

linkedin post

Updates to shared content

Our team also added variety to the type of content included in Townsend’s strategy, specifically for Facebook, where the majority of their online audience interacted with the brand.

We created a mix of content for Townsend that included:

  • Employee shout outs 
  • Photos and experiences posted by employees
  • Company promotions
  • Articles
  • Expert tips
  • Company facts and behind-the-scenes details
  • Current events or local events
  • Customer testimonials
  • News and updates 
facebook post announcing a promotion facebook hiring post


The Bayshore team also created a LinkedIn best practices guideline for their employees. This action helped the Townsend management team educate their employees on how to engage with the company’s social  content, improving the reach and visibility of their content on this platform. 

The results: higher engagement across all social

Just five months after Townsend’s new content strategy was implemented, the company saw higher engagement across the board. Impressions, link clicks, and engagement all went up — on every platform where the brand has a presence. 

By using quarterly analytics on social performance, the Bayshore team has been able to consistently adjust and improve social media strategy month by month. Each social channel is optimized and tweaked to stay on top of social media best practices and trends. 

Here are just a few of the results Townsend saw five months after the changes were implemented.

  • 163,648 impressions on Facebook, a 3% increase
  • An 18% increase in post clicks on Facebook
  • A 50% increase in followers on LinkedIn

With their new content strategy and commitment to improvement, we know Townsend will continue to see increased engagement and improved brand trust with their audience, online and in person!

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