How we boosted a senior living community’s email subscribers by 48.6%

Aviva – A Campus Senior Life, a senior living community, was searching for a powerful digital marketing strategy to meet their goals. They wanted to generate new resident inquiries, which in turn would amplify their brand and maximize their campus capacity. To do that, they partnered with Bayshore to evaluate and adjust their email marketing strategy. By changing their marketing platform and tailoring Aviva’s content to subscribers, their emails became one of their most engaged and heavily used communication channels.

Aviva’s email challenge

When they came to us, Aviva needed an email marketing plan that would attract readers’ attention and keep them engaged, despite their unfamiliarity with the platform. Their email problems were three-fold:

  • Their audiences are not tech-savvy
  • Their primary audience of prospective residents ranges in age from 70-80+ years old and are those in need of a certain level of care:
    • Those who do not need assistance in their daily life but want to be in a senior living community that provides amenities and a sense of security
    • Those who need assistance from a health aid or nurse
    • Those who need 24/7 care and supervision
    • Those who need physical assistance during rehabilitation or recovery
  • Their secondary audience are the children of these seniors - making them 55+ years old and part of a generation where they may still be getting used to incorporating technology into their daily life 

This meant that age and exact audience needs had to be taken into consideration when crafting a strategy and design for emails.

There was also the emotional element of their particular services. The experience of moving to a senior living community is often intertwined with the loss of a loved one or an increased level of health or personal care. Aviva needed an email marketing strategy that could speak to their audiences and also remain sensitive to their needs and emotions.

Finding solutions for Aviva’s email needs

Aviva had previously tested email newsletters two months before coming to us for help. With lackluster results, they were not convinced that an email marketing strategy could meet their goals. It was up to us to produce a new strategy that would achieve tangible results. We tackled Aviva’s challenges by migrating their email platform and executing a thoroughly planned monthly newsletter.

Step #1: A move to MailChimp

First, we migrated Aviva’s platform from Constant Contact to MailChimp. MailChimp was a more affordable solution, and offered long-term opportunities to develop automated campaigns. We were able to execute their email newsletter on our end, and Aviva could still handle their own communications to families and team members using MailChimp.

Step #2: A creative content calendar

Creating content that subscribers wanted to read was key for Aviva. We needed to know what subscribers were interested in when signing up for communications. 

We first crafted a 6-month newsletter strategy that offered subscribers a mix of content, including:

  • Valuable advice, such as questions to ask when seeking an independent living community or senior living versus in-home care
  • Campus event highlights, such as recaps of parties with photos and promotions for upcoming events
  • Current events, such as community events
  • Community amenities, such as in-house dining and diverse levels of care

Step #3: Intentional email creation

With Bayshore’s help, Aviva crafted emails that held valuable content, as well as paid attention to the design and links included in each newsletter. The main call-to-action linked to the page to schedule a tour of the facility. For contacts who were no longer in the market for senior living, a prominent Unsubscribe button was important to include. 

KPIs and tracking were also set up to ensure the emails were meeting our goals for Aviva.

Step #4: New subscriber focus

Following the initial success of the new email newsletters, we pitched a new sign up form with segmentation options to Aviva. The signup form asked new subscribers to indicate the level of care they’re interested in and if they wanted to schedule a tour, which allowed us to further tailor future content. 



We also proposed a Welcome Series of emails that introduced the subscriber to the Aviva community and senior living as a whole. 

The result: Open rates and click-through rates 38% higher than industry average

After adopting Bayshore’s solutions, Aviva’s monthly newsletter outperformed their expectations and industry benchmark metrics in the first six months.

  • Aviva’s Open Rate was 38% higher than the industry average
  • Aviva’s Click-through Rate (CTR) was 181% higher than the industry average
  • Since beginning our email strategy, we’ve grown the Aviva subscriber list by 48.6%. 

Since the beginning of the Welcome Series, we’ve also seen:

  • An average Open Rate of 41.7%
  • An average CTR of 11.6%

In just six months, Aviva saw:

  • Users increased by 148 
  • New users increased by 100 
  • A total of 245 sessions
  • A total of 2 goal completions 
  • +0.82% goal conversion rate

Thanks to targeted emails and a thoughtful content strategy, email continues to be one of Aviva’s most engaged channels for communication with active and prospective leads.

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