Diagnosing and Fixing a Major Drop in Search Traffic

Visitors from Google Search account for a majority of the traffic to many e-commerce websites. LED Technologies, a manufacturer and retailer of light therapy devices, depends heavily on organic traffic, as a key element of a cross-channel marketing strategy, to attract potential customers. 

The company came to Bayshore Solutions in January 2020 with a goal to increase sales. Their website had lost substantial organic traffic following Google’s June 3, 2019 Core Algorithm Update. Together, we determined the cause of the drop and implemented a digital strategy to reverse it.

Assessing the Drop in Organic Traffic

Bayshore Solutions’ SEO team reviewed the website’s E-A-T, which are the criteria that represent how Google’s algorithms rank content. It stands for “expertise, authoritativeness, and trust.” Reviewing website pages and previous blog posts revealed that LED Technologies had ample room to grow in this area.

Content Optimization to Improve E-A-T

Bayshore Solutions reviewed LED Technologies’ blog, which dates to 2016, to refresh quality content, merge pages ranking for similar keywords, and remove low-quality pages. We identified several posts that had performed well in the past but lost rankings after the June 3 Core Update.

Rewriting Blog Posts

For example, a blog post titled “Can You Overdo LED Light Therapy?” from October 2, 2017 was expanded. The Bayshore Solutions team looked at questions that Google users were asking, which the post could answer. More medical and scientific information, linked from reputable sources, were incorporated to demonstrate the brand’s expertise.

Because of the blog’s more clear, relevant format, it earned featured snippets for relevant phrases, such as “can you overdo light therapy.”

Before the rewrite, this blog post averaged 17 clicks per day.

After the rewrite, it began averaging 57 clicks per day — a 298 percent increase.

Expanding Product-Category Pages

Bayshore Solutions also assessed LED Technologies’ product category pages. Previously, the category pages showed only product images and links to pages with no contextual information. 

The Bayshore Solutions team added informational headings and paragraphs to the category pages, giving search engines more information about the pages. These adjustments improved the search rankings for relevant anti-aging and wrinkle terms. 

Writing New Content

Bayshore Solutions looked at historical data and competitor data to see where LED Technologies was missing out on certain keywords. The team found new questions the website’s target audience was asking, which weren’t being answered by the site’s current content. 

For example, there is a high volume of searches for terms related to “skincare products” and light therapy. So Bayshore’s content team wrote a blog post titled “Best Skincare Products to Use with LED Light Therapy,” published on March 27, 2020. It averaged 51 clicks per day in the ensuing months and earned featured snippets for several relevant searches, such as “skin products to use with light therapy.”

135 Percent Increase in Clicks and 32 Percent Sales Growth

Results were measured based on Google Search Console (GSC) Performance Report data from May to August of 2019 and May to August of 2020. 

May-August 2019: 

  • 2,787 clicks for non-brand queries
  • 146,976 impressions

May-August, 2020: 

  • 6,550 clicks for non-brand queries
  • 161,609 impressions

That’s an organic traffic increase of 135 percent and a 10 percent increase in impressions.

Sales and conversions improved, too. From April-August 2020 vs. October 2019-March 2020 (a five-month period compared with the previous five-month period), LED Technologies saw a:

  • 32 percent increase in sales resulting from organic traffic 
  • 39 percent increase in transactions 
  • 47 percent increase in conversion rate

Search Engine Performance Leads to Sales

While it is not always easy to draw a direct line from search engine performance to a website’s conversions and sales, it is a crucial underlying component. And, in the case of LED Technologies, the effects were clear. Diagnosing a precipitous drop in search traffic, then looking for opportunities to improve content and rank for new and better keywords, led to more qualified sales leads through the site, ultimately resulting in significant sales growth.

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