Cleaning up the Clutter: Sharing The Results of a HubSpot Audit

The Challenge

ThumbStopper, a social media software company, inherited a HubSpot portal formerly shared with a sister company. That meant they inherited data and assets that went back four years, long before the time of any ThumbStopper team member.

With all the clutter in their CRM, Marketing and Sales Hubs, they simply didn’t know what they didn’t know.

Automations were still running behind the scenes, but the team was unsure of what could be turned off, and what may still be necessary. There were more than 30,000 contacts in the CRM — they knew not all of them were ThumbStopper contacts, but did not know how to easily identify which they could afford to remove. HubSpot’s pricing is based on the number of contacts, so it’s especially important to keep only relevant contacts.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, Bayshore Solutions equipped the ThumbStopper team with the information they needed to make a decision on what to keep and what to toss.

The Solution

A HubSpot audit started with a deep dive into what was set up in their platform and how it was being used.

Digging into the entire HubSpot platform as it stood would have been a massive undertaking. While we have standard processes for how we audit a HubSpot platform, like everything we do at Bayshore Solutions, we tailor those processes to meet our clients’ needs. We want to understand what each client wants to learn from their audit, so we can tailor our approach and spend time where it is needed.

Our team held a project kickoff meeting with the client where we defined the needs and expectations. In collaboration with the ThumbStopper team, we identified the key areas of focus:

  • Workflows — only those that have an Active status, and were not created by a current member of the ThumbStopper team
  • Forms — only those that were not created by a current member of the ThumbStopper team
  • Contact Properties — what exists that can potentially be used to cleanse the database of old contacts? Are there duplicate properties being used to track the same information?
  • Sales — how can the sales team effectively use the HubSpot platform and its tools?

In addition to the areas above, we reviewed general settings in HubSpot including, but not limited to:

  • Email — are the settings configured for CAN-SPAM compliance? Are current sends following email marketing best practices?
  • Contact Management — are Contacts and Companies synced? Are default property views being utilized?
  • Integrations — what platforms are connected to HubSpot?
  • Domains — what domains are active in HubSpot, and what are they being used for?
  • Ads — is information collected through synced ads being appropriately added to a contact record?

The Outcome

Bayshore Solutions organized the results of the HubSpot audit into two documents and presented them to the ThumbStopper team.

The audit results document details what we found, recommendations for clean-up and best practices for how to use the platform. The Audit Tracker outlines specifics from the audit in an easy-to-use spreadsheet. The first tab of this Tracker lists all recommendations so the client can prioritize and track the outcomes. Given ThumbStopper’s focus on Workflows, Forms and Contact Properties, each of these categories had a tab on the Audit Tracker that outlined:

  • Workflows — Active Status, Trigger Criteria, Actions within Workflow, Create Date, Modified Date, Created By
  • Forms — Activity in Last 90 days, Create Date, Modified Date, Form Type
  • Contact Properties — # of Contacts with a Value, Where the Property is Used, Is it a Duplicate?

Armed with this information, the ThumbStopper team was able to prioritize clean up efforts beginning with removing unneeded assets. They removed:

  • Over 75 Contact Properties
  • More than 100 Workflows
  • Over 175 Forms 
  • Around 2,300 Contacts 

What’s left is only the relevant information ThumbStopper needs to get the most value out of their HubSpot investment.

Another key outcome was the development of a master email template, which will save Thumbstopper hours as they plan and launch future email campaigns.

Keeping a HubSpot platform organized is an ongoing job, but an initial audit kickstarts the initiative and gets all team members that utilize the platform on the same page. As ThumbStopper’s partner, we continue to assist in developing and tracking new assets in the platform and lend our HubSpot expertise in the CRM, Marketing and Sales Hubs.

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