Use A Clear Business Value Proposition To Attract Ideal Clients

A strong business value proposition, carefully crafted and targeted to the right audience, can make the difference between business success and failure in your content marketing efforts.

It’s a challenging task. Every day, consumers receive a tidal wave of marketing messages. Separating your product and services from the pack requires thoughtful planning and thorough execution.

The following looks at issues around creating a strong business value proposition. Keep them in mind as you craft your message.

Relevant and Compelling

As you sort through the details of creating a business value proposition, it’s important to keep some overarching issues in mind.

Foremost among them is creating relevant and compelling messages to consumers. Relevance ensures consumers will not ignore you. A compelling message means consumers will not forget you.

It’s also helpful to remember the following five points. As a business, you need to:

  • Offer the right product or service. Is there a need and market for what you offer?
  • Target the right market or person. Create your ideal client profile.
  • Use the right messaging. Our post on using brand journalism in your content to engage consumers offers helpful advice.
  • Deliver your message through the right medium. Conduct client surveys and interviews to find what your ideal buyers use to find what they need online.
  • Make the right offer at the right time. Map out your customers’ buyer journey to know when the best time is to offer your product/services.

Don’t water down your message to attract larger amounts of traffic to your site. It’s better to target the right people in smaller numbers who are more likely to convert.

Competing on Value

Before convincing others of the value of your product or service, you need to fully understand it yourself. Everyone at your company should understand your value and have the ability to communicate it clearly and confidently.

Once you achieve that, creating your business value proposition becomes easier. Approach your value from the consumer’s perspective. They all have a problem to solve, whether real or perceived. Your job is to address those problems and offer the opportunity to solve them.

In some cases, it’s also beneficial to describe what the consumer’s world will look like if they don’t act. You’ve presented them an opportunity to solve their problem, but what if they don’t take it?

Finding Differentiators

Chances are you have competitors in your market segment. Know their marketing thoroughly will help you differentiate yourself from them. If everyone in your industry is saying the same thing, it gets lost in the daily wave of marketing messages.

Here are examples of what consumers see and hear every day.

  • We offer great customer service
  • New and improved!
  • “We understand that…”
  • State of the art
  • “We’ve got you covered!”

And so on. Some companies also lean too heavily on “buzzy” phrases and words.

Consumers have seen these messages or similar variations thousands of times. It’s better to craft a value proposition that is specific. For example, offer details about your customer service rather than just saying it is “great.” Explain exactly how your product is “improved.” Rather than make generalized promises, know what your competitors do and explain how what you do is better.

Getting Started

Keeping all the above in mind, you can craft a business value proposition that maximizes your marketing efforts. A straightforward formula to put the above into action is to start by finishing these two sentences.

  •  My expertise is in…
  •  We work with…, who want to…

Then, think of the “hook,” such as offering an example of your product in action, your brand’s story (if compelling), or the biggest differentiator between you and the competition. Speaking of brand story, this blog on building your brand story will help you create a compelling one.

Keeping the above in mind helps create more focused, successful business value propositions. It’s the best path to separating yourself from the white noise created by the marketing blizzard consumers see every day.

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