Are You Doing These 3 Things to Your Digital Media Campaigns?

Digital media—or digital advertising—opens a whole world of potential new customers for your business. By adding paid digital advertising to your marketing strategy, you can potentially reach a much larger audience, but also a more qualified one.

Since you can carefully target and test your digital ads, you can generate strong leads and begin nurturing them toward conversion. Before diving into a paid digital media campaign—or especially if you’re already running one—learn these three best practices to vastly increase your chances for success.

1. Prioritize Your Goals

The first step in any successful marketing campaign is to spell out what you want to accomplish. You might want to raise brand awareness, boost traffic to your website, enhance engagement or increase conversions. While the same campaign might accomplish more than one goal, it’s important to prioritize.

Setting clear, prioritized goals will help you in several ways. First it will help you choose where to run your digital campaigns. You might consider Google Ads, YouTube Video Ads, Bing Ads, or ads and boosted content on any of your social media channels, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. You will need to consider how each ad platform works, its targeting capabilities, and the demographic that uses it.

Your goals also guide your choice of ad types, such as display banners, search ads, shopping ads, or social media ads. You will select target audiences based on whether you want to reach customers near the top or bottom of the marketing funnel. Also, you will select a bidding strategy based on where want to see the greatest ROI. It will let you know what’s most important to measure and tell you when you’re successful!

2. Test, Measure and Adjust

Digital advertising is not a “set and forget it” marketing tactic. Your campaign requires ongoing management to adapt to changes in traffic and your search position relative to your competitors. When you first launch your campaign, you will need to gather data for several days or weeks to establish a baseline. Then, you can begin to test small changes like different headlines and ad copy, as well as experiment with different keywords.

One of the biggest benefits of digital advertising over older forms of advertising is the steady stream of data. Over time you can measure results month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, or year-over-year. When you know how things are going you can adjust your target audience or budget, making your ad dollars stretch as far as possible. You will get the best results when you make data-driven decisions.

Learning what works also enables forecasting. By figuring out what has worked before you can estimate what will work in the future, and allocate your budget accordingly.

3. Integrate the Campaign with Your Content Strategy

Your company has a whole digital ecosystem at your fingertips. Your website, blog, email, social media profiles, and paid digital media all work together to create a customer journey. It’s important to lead a potential customer along this journey using all of the tools available. When they click from an ad to your website or navigate your other channels, they should get a seamless experience.

To cultivate this seamless experience, keep your branding consistent across all channels. Think through where a site visitor might go after conducting a search or seeing one of your ads on social media. Consider their likely position in the sales funnel and anticipate their questions. A savvy end-to-end digital marketing partner can help you create all of these different elements in concert, so that they form a cohesive content marketing strategy.

Digital advertising is not easy, so it’s smart to partner with a team of subject matter experts who understand each aspect of it. Bayshore Solutions can help you find the perfect content balance for your specific business goals.

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