5 Ways to Create Your Best Online Store With NopCommerce

NopCommerce has done a great job of creating their product with the customer in mind – the store owners who trust their e-commerce operations to nopCommerce.  The administration area of nopCommerce offers some extremely useful features that show how the software is developed with a clear focus on store owners. It provides a wide variety of reports as well as some lesser-known operational conveniences that really provide value.

 nopCommerce Dashboard


Here are five of these features that streamline the work of managing a store with nopCommerce:

1. The Tortises and Hares - At a Glance

nopCommerce Bestsellers Menu

Instantly Identify Your Best Sellers and Products Never Purchased

NopCommerce gives you instant visibility into these and other reports from the Sales tab. By reviewing this data, you can better configure your store and find out which products and/or services are working better than others. You can also consider offering discounts and promotions to move products that are not selling. Being able to analyze and see these trends is critical for running a successful online store.

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2. See Your Buyers Journey Through Your Store – In Real Time

nopCommerce Current Shopping Carts

Live Views of Your Current Shopping Carts

Also located on the nopCommerce Sales tab, a website administrator can view all the current shopping carts for all users with this report. From here you can get a great insight into what products your customers are purchasing as well as what products they typically buy together. Additionally, you can click on the customer and scroll down to see the last page they visited. This can help you further assess cart abandonment issues and discover areas for improvement.

3. Give Your Customers’ Checkout Experience a Personal Touch

nopCommerce Checkout Attributes

Custom-Configure Your Checkout Attributes

You can configure a variety of questions, free text, and options that will be asked during the checkout process by using checkout attributes. These are useful for all sorts of scenarios such as charging extra for shipping/handling, gift card messages, or wrapping requests that enhance your customers' service experience from their first clicks-to-cart.  You can also let customers opt-in to receive newsletters or gather other types of information that might be useful.

4. Enable Red Carpet E-Concierge Service

Allow Your Reps to be “Personal Online Shoppers”

nopCommerce Place Order Impersonate

Another great feature that can be found from the Customer details page is the ability for an administrator to impersonate an order. This is useful for customer service representatives taking orders over the phone or for customers that do not wish to register on the site.  Store owners are able to impersonate the customer and browse the site, add products to their cart, etc. all viewing exactly what a customer would see without having to have their password information. Once an order is placed, you can then click “Finish impersonated session” and be back in the administration screen.

5. Recover, Remind and Relate to Your Customers


Easily Connect to Your Customers with Relevant, Timely Emails and Marketing Promotions

Email marketing continues to be the most successful and lucrative way store owners can attract and convert customers. The low cost and ease of use make it one of the most effective ways to promote your store. The three most common types of emails are periodic newsletters, discount promotions, and triggered emails. Newsletters are a great way to inform customers about your store and company and develop an ongoing relationship. Discount promotions and deal notifications can entice users to spend more by offering a great price on a product. Triggered emails, however, can be the most effective. An email can be set up to be automatically sent a specific number of days after a customer abandons their cart and prompt them finalize their order, typically including a discount or coupon code they can use.

Out of the box, nopCommerce comes with a lot of great features that store owners can leverage to boost sales. There are many plugins available as well that can add even more functionality.  As the a top ranked nopCommerce Solutions Partner, Bayshore Solutions has the expertise to help you customize your online store to exactly meet your strategic needs and differentiate your brand’s e-commerce experience.

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