Digital Summit Denver 2019: Personas, Voice Search and Time Management

In our last post about the Bayshore team attending the Digital Summit in Denver, our Senior Account Manager, Patrick shared some great actionable tips on various digital marketing channels, downloadable workbooks to enhance what you’re currently doing and some crazy facts about the state of digital marketing.

Our Digital Media Strategist, Anthony Viviani also attended the conference and brought back more useful information related to personas, voice search and time management.

Personas and the Customer Journey

One session Anthony attended was a four-hour workshop with Michael Salamon from Lousy. He learned that general descriptions of your audience are no longer enough for targeting. Companies need to create detailed personas and should have max two or three per department.

If you find yourself creating more than three personas, stop and re-evaluate what the true common denominator is amongst your audience. Check out this content matrix and journey map they provided in the session.

Voice Search

Voice search is still in its infancy but by 2020, there will be 900 million smart speakers in homes. That’s nearly 1/7th the population of earth! Voice search will account for half of all searches in the next year so soon those who work with Google Ads will see more of “OK Google” in your search terms reports.  Start researching this technology and see how you can make it work for your company’s growth.

Time Management

Another great takeaway related to time management and how those who work at digital agencies are constantly trying to find more time to get things done. Even with a full team of marketers and developers, most agency employees feel they don’t have enough time to do all their work.

The main time management tip was to get your analytical and high frequency work done in the morning and save the smaller, less demanding work for the afternoon hours. This goes for meetings too! Our mood and vigilance are highest in the morning and dwindles as the day goes on, so it’s best to get important things out of the way early.

To summarize the above, build really detailed but limited numbers of personas, start figuring out how voice search can work for you and complete your important tasks in the morning. Bayshore Solutions is dedicated to keeping our people sharp to keep our clients’ businesses growing.

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